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Collection name: Australia Migration Project; Subjects: Oral History: Experience of migrations from Britain to Australia; items: 86 Compact Cassette. Collection name: University of Sussex Oral History Collection; Subjects: Oral History: Oral history of 50 members of the University past and present; items: 51 Audio CD-R. Collection name: Monks House Papers; Subjects: Oral History: The archive of Virginia Woolf’s papers at the University of Sussex is known as the Monks House Papers, named after the Woolfs’ house at nearby Rodmell in East Sussex. The papers at Sussex are those which Leonard Woolf made available to Virginia’s nephew Quentin Bell for the purpose of writing her official biography. The Monks House Papers fall into three groups: letters, manuscripts and press-cuttings. There is documentation of Woolfs career from her earliest journalism to what was possibly her final short fiction, The Watering Place, a two-page manuscript which draws on a diary entry of 1941 written shortly before her suicide; items: 2 Open Reel Tape, 6 Compact Cassette. Collection name: Doris Lessing Papers; Subjects: Oral History: Doris Lessing Interviews; items: 2 Compact Cassette. Collection name: Kingsley Martin Papers; Subjects: Oral History: BBC broadcast with Kingsley Martin interview; items: 1 cylinder. Collection name: University of Sussex Academic Subject Recordings; Subjects: Speeches & Events: Interviews, lecture and conference recordings relating to the University and its research work; items: 178 Compact Cassette. Collection name: Copper Archive; Subjects: World, Folk & Traditional Music: Recordings of Copper Family singing; items: 38 Open Reel Tape, 2 Compact Cassette,


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