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Collection name: Philip Granville Archive Collection; Subjects: Drama & Literature; Sound Art: Kurt Schwitters and others reciting sound poetry; items: Lacquer Disc,2 Vinyl Disc, 2 Open Reel Tape, 0 Compact Cassette. Collection name: Audio Arts Archive Collection; Subjects: Oral History; Documentary & News; Sound Art: Interviews with artists and art world figures as well as sound art and other aural manifestations for an audio periodical as well as incoming material; items: Lacquer Disc,240 Vinyl Disc, 966 Open Reel Tape, 968 Compact Cassette, 263 DAT, 3 MiniDisc, 89 published CD, 5 VHS; 10 U-Matic; 2 16mm films; 2 slide carousels. Collection name: David Mayor Archive Collection; Subjects: Oral History; Documentary & News; Sound Art: Interviews with artists, sound art and documentary material relating to Fluxus and the 'Fluxshoe' touring exhibition, 1972-73; items: Lacquer Disc,2 Vinyl Disc, 15 Open Reel Tape, 8 Compact Cassette. Collection name: John Wells Archive Collection; Subjects: Classical Music: Taped selections of classical music; items: 220 Compact Cassette. Collection name: Barbara Reise Archive Collection; Subjects: Oral History: Barbara Reise's interviews with artists; items: Lacquer Disc,5 Vinyl Disc, 25 Compact Cassette, 1 Philips VHS. Collection name: Ben Nicholson Archive Collection; Subjects: Oral History; Documentary & News; Radio: A collection of interviews with Winifred, Jake and Kate Nicholson, a documentary radio programme about Ben Nicholson, and television programmes about Winifred Nicholson; items: 4 Compact Cassette, 3 Audio CD-R, 3 DVDs. Collection name: Naum Gabo Archive Collection; Subjects: Oral History; Documentary & News; Speeches & Events: Interviews with Naum Gabo and recordings of programmes and lectures on Naum Gabo; items: Lacquer Disc,1 Vinyl Disc, 3 Open Reel Tape, 6 Compact Cassette, 29 dictabelts which were transferred and copied to CD by the National Sound Archive, British Library (see entry under TGA 9313/9/10 for further details). Collection name: Tate Archive Audio-Visual Collection; Subjects: Oral History; Speeches & Events: Interviews with artists by Tate staff and others; and audio recordings at Tate lectures, symposia and conferences (until mid-2000s when this material was placed directly online after the event); items: Lacquer Disc,4 Vinyl Disc, 267 Open Reel Tape, 2206 Compact Cassette, 1 MiniDisc, 3 DVDs; 262 VHS; 22 audio on film reels. Collection name: Marc Camille Chaimowicz Archive Collection; Subjects: Audio Source Material: Audio source material used in the development and production of early performances of 'Partial Eclipse' (Tate Collection: T12453); items: Lacquer Disc,2 Vinyl Disc, 1 Open Reel Tape, 3 Compact Cassette. Collection name: Edward Burra Archive Collection; Subjects: Popular Music & Jazz: Mostly jazz records; items: 236 Shellac Disc,


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