Sainsbury Archive, Museum of London Docklands, The


No 1 Warehouse
West India Quay
E14 4AL
United Kingdom

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Collection name: The Sainsbury Archive; Subjects: Oral History; Documentary & News; Advertising: The audio collection mostly comprises of oral history interviews with Sainsbury's staff and the Sainsbury family; radio advertisements for Sainsbury's and Homebase stores and recordings of radio broadcasts about Sainsbury's. These date mostly from the 1980s and 1990s (there are also some more recent recordings and recordings from the late 1960s). Most of the audio recordings have been digitised but access restrictions apply to oral history interviews and some other recordings. The archive also has an extensive video and film collection (about 3000 videos) but only a small number of items which have been digitised can be currently accessed; items: Lacquer Disc,1 Vinyl Disc, 17 Open Reel Tape, 600 Compact Cassette, 10 DAT, 100 Audio CD-R, 37 x CommPak 16mm cartridges. 16mm film of slides plus a Lear Jet Stereo 8 audio tape

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Paul Williams

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