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Old Hunstanton
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Collection name: AFRS broadcasts; Subjects: Popular Music & Jazz: 16inch 33.3rpm vinyl recordings of American radio programmes c.1942-46 Issued to US forces for broadcasting on their own local radio. Orch/Bands/ live artists from Toscanini to Duke Ellington and Charlie Parker. About 100+ discs. Object is to donate to BL otherwise to local tip. Also - collection 78rpm shellac mainly jazz but some early vocal (s/s Madame Clara Butt) + symphonies. A mag tape [R/R] of our local parish church (Hunstanton) of evensong half hour, broadcast recorded by BBC 19/8/51. Cassettes of church organ accompamied by choir boy. Some private tapes of WWI veterans.; items: 100 Shellac Disc,101 Vinyl Disc, 3 Open Reel Tape, 4 Compact Cassette


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