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Collection name: Recordings by East Midlands Amateur Tape Recording Clubs 1959 -1989; Subjects: Oral History; Wildlife & Natural Sounds; Mechanical Sounds; Language & Dialect: A collection of original recordings from three amateur tape recording clubs in Derby, Leicester and Nottingham. Recordings span a time period from 1959-1987. At one time there were tape recording clubs across the UK. Dedicated amateurs would meet and swap tips, exchange recordings, enter competitions and arrange activities such as field recording trips. Eager members would lug heavy reel-to-reel recorders around the countryside, to church concerts, fire stations, airports and carnivals to capture the sounds around them. Many experimented with their recording techniques, putting together their own documentaries, plays or pre-recorded slide-show commentaries. Different clubs would exchange tapes they had produced featuring greetings, summaries of their activities and audio quizzes - annual competitions were organised and regular bulletin tapes were distributed to all members of the Federation of British Tape Recordists; items: 52 Open Reel Tape, 1 published CD, 120 Digital Audio Files,


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