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Collection name: Interviews with former Protestant missionaries in China; Subjects: Oral History: Interviews (with transcripts) conducted by Dr Jocelyn Chatterton as part of her PhD 'Protestant medical missionary experience during the war in China, 1937-1945: the case of Hubei Province' (SOAS, 2010). Interviews (2007) were conducted with Frances A M McAll (tape with transcript), David Landsborough (tape with transcript), Norman Howard Cliff (2 tapes with transcripts) and Professor W John Cram (tape with transcript only). Topic: Missionary Work. Region: East Asia; items: 5 Micro Cassette Tapes. Collection name: Recordings of music events and other africa95 arts festival proceedings (africa95 archive); Subjects: Classical Music; World, Folk & Traditional Music; Popular Music & Jazz; Documentary & News; Oral History; Speeches & Events; Radio: The archive of africa95, a season of the arts of Africa held across the UK in 1995. Sound recordings include: audio of events in the africa95 music programme, covering neo traditional; classical; world music, North African; African classical; gospel; contemporary folk; jazz; music theatre; reggae; and popular; proceedings of the 'African Artists: school, studio and society' conference at SOAS, University of London; community outreach events; and africa95 programmes on BBC Radio 1, 3, 4.; items: 126 Compact Cassette, 4 Audio CD-R. Collection name: Recordings of Ellice (Tuvalu) Folk Tales (Papers of Brian Ranford); Subjects: Drama & Literature: Recordings (1950s-1960s) of Ellice (Tuvalu) folk tales in Tuvaluan language by the protestant missionary Brian Ranford (b.1930). Region: Pacific; items: 2 Audio CD-R. Collection name: Naga Recording (Papers of Eugenie Henderson); Subjects: Language & Dialect: Recording of Naga language (vinyl 45rpm) by A Z Phizo. Region: South Asia; items: Lacquer Disc,1 Vinyl Disc. Collection name: Recordings of Dinka and Bagirmi Languages (Papers of Archibald Tucker); Subjects: Language & Dialect: Tape recording (1974) of Dinka and Bagirmi languages used in teaching by Dr. Archibald Tucker, linguist. Region: Central Africa; East Africa; items: 1 Compact Cassette. Collection name: Recordings of Pacific Languages (Papers of HGA Hughes); Subjects: Language & Dialect: Recordings by the linguist HGA Hughes (mostly 1950-1953), primarily of Pacific languages, including Tuvaluan; Maori; Gilbertese; Samoan; Pohnpeian; and Chuukese. Region: Pacific; items: 37 Compact Cassette. Collection name: British in India Oral Archive Project; Subjects: Oral History: Sixty-one oral history interviews recorded for the ‘British in India Oral Archive Project’, 1975-1976. Interviewees include British and Indian individuals, political figures, such as Earl Mountbatten of Burma, B. K. Nehru, Sir Ronald Brockman, and Kamaladevi Chattopadhyay; along with civil servants, army officers, businesspeople, missionaries, and clerks. Interviews cover the pre-Independence and post-Independence periods, and include discussions on colonialism, the role of the Viceroy, the royal family, missionary work, the police force, the Indian Civil Service in Burma, trade and shipping in Calcutta, the Japanese invasion, and the Nehru family. Original recordings held at British Library. Copies at IWM Library. Region: South Asia; items: 96 Compact Cassette. Collection name: Oral History Interviews with Janet Dann (Papers of Janet Dann); Subjects: Oral History: Two series of oral history interviews with Janet Dann, protestant missionary to Japan, about her experiences (1929-1947) with the Japan Rescue Mission and Japan Evangelistic Band, as well as her early life. The first series includes reel-to-reel recordings about Dann's life and messages from Japan Evangelistic Band missionaries, children and converts (in English and Japanese). The second series includes: an oral history interview with Dann on audio cassette by her friend Ada Wright, used to write the manuscript 'The Story of Janet Dann'. Region: East Asia; items: 6 Open Reel Tape, 13 Compact Cassette. Collection name: Oral History Recordings on the Partition of India (Papers of Henry Vincent Hodson); Subjects: Oral History: Nineteen oral history recordings (1964-1965) on the Partition of India conducted with key figures, including Earl Mountbatten of Burma, V.P. Menon, Kripalani, Pyarelal Nayar, Mohammed Al Choudary, General Lord Ismay (recorded 1964-1965) recorded by Henry Vincent Hodson (1906-1999) for his book 'The Great Divide: Britain-India- Pakistan' (1969) on the Partition. Region: South Asia; items: 19 Compact Cassette, 19 Audio CD-R. Collection name: Memories of the British in India Oral Archive; Subjects: Oral History: Twenty-eight oral history interviews concerning the British experience in India during the British Raj, recorded by the India Office Library & Records (subsequently the Oriental and India Office Collection, British Library). Indian Army, businesspeople, legal and medical professionals, and their families. Original recordings part of larger collection held at British Library 'The India Office Library & Records Interviews collection' [Reference: C63]. Region: South Asia; items: 52 Compact Cassette. Collection name: Sounds Interesting - Oral History Recordings (Methodist Missionary Society Archive); Subjects: Oral History: 109 oral history interviews recorded with Methodist missionaries for the ‘Sounds Interesting’ project (1992-1999). Part of the Methodist Missionary Society archive. Interviews cover experiences of international work for the British Methodist Church in the 20th century. Interviewees include missionary personnel working mainly in evangelism, medicine and education. Places covered include: South Asia, Southeast Asia, East Asia, West Africa, East Africa, and the Caribbean. The master tapes and summaries are held by The British Library Sound Archive, along with administrative papers and published material; items: 109 Compact Cassette. Collection name: Recording of United Nations Debate on Tibet (1959) [Papers of Sydney D. Bailey]; Subjects: Oral History; Documentary & News: Recording by Sydney D. Bailey, Quaker and writer on international affairs concerning: politics, international affairs. Region: East Asia; items: 1 Compact Cassette. Collection name: India: A People Partitioned Oral Archive; Subjects: Oral History; Radio: 205 oral history interviews by Andrew Whitehead for the BBC World Service radio series 'India: A People Partitioned (1997)' and other works. Comprises: 146 interviews recorded in India, Pakistan and Bangladesh (1995-1998) about the Partition of India in 1947. Interviews cover the lived experience of Partition among ordinary people of Hindu, Muslim and Sikh heritage. Interviewees include political activists; survivors of violence; refugees; and soldiers. Twelve interviews (2000) with political figures on the legacy of Partition for India-Pakistan relations, and forty-seven interviews (1992-2007) primarily about the Indo-Pakistani War of 1947. Predominantly English language interviews, some Hindi, Urdu, Bengali and Punjabi. Region: South Asia; items: 89 Compact Cassette, 213 Digital Audio Files. Collection name: Plain Tales from the Raj Oral Archive; Subjects: Oral History; Radio: Seventy-five oral history interviews covering the experiences of the British men and women who lived and worked in India during British rule. The interviews were conducted (1972-1974) for the BBC Radio 4 documentary series 'Plain Tales from the Raj (1974)'. Interviewees include British military figures, Indian Civil Service officials, tea planters, industrialists, journalists, nurses, and missionaries; as well as a small number of Indians and 'Eurasians' (dual-heritage individuals). Subjects include: colonialism; living conditions; recreation; health; family life; relations between Europeans, Indians and 'Eurasians'; politics, including British rule, Independence, and Partition. Original recordings at IWM Library. Copy also held by British Library. Region: South Asia; items: 205 Compact Cassette. Collection name: Eric and Edith Liberty recordings of church services [China Inland Mission archive]; Subjects: Speeches & Events: Recordings within the personal papers of Eric Liberty (d.1971) and Edith Liberty (d.1978), missionaries to China with the China Inland Mission. Comprises: cassette tape of a Birthday Service for Making Mandarin Church (n.d.); reel-to-reel of sermons at Chatsworth Baptist Church (1973); unknown reel-to-reel tape; items: 2 Open Reel Tape, 1 Compact Cassette. Collection name: Anthropological Recordings relating to South Asia (Papers of Lionel Caplan); Subjects: Speeches & Events: Research material of the anthropologist Professor Lionel Caplan (b.1932) relating to studies on social change in East Nepal and other anthropological studies (1960s-1990s). Includes: 26 sound recordings, mainly interviews, rituals and ceremonies relating to the Limbu population of Ilam District, East Nepal; as well as various other recordings in support of anthropological study of religion and social change in South Asia. Region: South Asia; items: 3 Open Reel Tape, 4 Compact Cassette. Collection name: Chinese Musical Recordings (Papers of William Gawan Sewell); Subjects: World, Folk & Traditional Music: 12 Chinese gramophone records containing musical recordings (mid 20th century), within the papers of William Gawan Sewell (1898-1984), academic and missionary to China (1924-1952). Titles include: 'Workers' Song'; 'O-Mei Mountain Songs'; and 'In Life & Death United in Heart'. Region: East Asia; items: Lacquer Disc,12 Vinyl Disc,


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